Abrucena is a municipality of Almería province, located on the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada at 41 km. of the provincial capital, Almería. It has about 1400 inhabitants.

At present the main economic activities are agriculture, livestock and tourism. The most important crops are olives, cherry and almond. A naturally stunning visual spectacle is to see the fields when the cherry and almond trees are in bloom.

Mapa de Abrucena

Something about the history of Abrucena

The Arabs gave it the name Laurisana and later they called it Lauricena. During the reign of Abd-Allah (Last Zirí  King of Granada) the current "Castillejo" was built on the ruins of the Roman castle, and this was part of the defensive buildings that lined the road between Granada and Almeria.

In 1489 it was reconquered, passing Abrucena to Catholic rule. As in the rest of the Alpujarra and after the Moorish uprising in the Alpujarras, it was repopulated with people from other parts of the peninsula.


What to visit

Archaeological Remains: On the outskirts of town and located on the highest plateau of a hill stands the "Castillejo", ruins of a Moorish fortification (dating from the reign of Abd-Allah) and built on an ancient Roman construction. What has come down to us is the remains of walls, towers and a cistern.

Monuments and Heritage:

Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation [XVI-XVII]. Built on what was an Arab mosque converted into a Christian temple, it is Mudejar style.
Rebuilt in 1828 after a fire, the Church stands above the rest of Abrucena constructions being visible from anywhere in the village.

The Ermita of San José located just outside Abrucena, was erected in honor of the Patron of the town and next to it remains an old well.

Abrucena retains the architecture of the villages of the Alpujarra, with steep streets, white houses with "terraos", slate and balconies adorned with pots.

Natural Environments: Abrucena is located in the Natural Park and the Sierra Nevada. In the area there are landscapes of singular beauty: mountain scenery, crystal clear streams, waterfalls, gorges and all protected by the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

The major peaks located in the municipality of Abrucena are the Cerro del Rayo of 2,405 meters, the Polarda of 2,252 meters or Buitre with 2,465 meters.

In the Natural Park and the Sierra Nevada, is La Roza Recreation Area where you can enjoy the countryside, with permanent water and conditioned areas to prevent damage to nature.

Popular festivities

  •    Festivities in honor of St. Joseph. Second Saturday in May.
  •    Summer Party Honor Emigrants. Weekend after August 15.
  •    Feast of St. Joseph. March 19.
  •    San Anton, every January 16.
  •    Procession in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, the July 16th every year.
  •    The Thursday before Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday is celebrated.