The Cortijo Abruvilla was restored in 1999 respecting both the architectural and decorative styles in this area. Thus, the facade is built with slate of the area and the interior decorated with threshing implements, tillage and old forge. It has an total area of about 80 m².

It is supplied with solar energy, respecting the environment.

It is equipped with thermal insulation against cold and heat, which also helps keep the heat inside in winter. Due to the layout of the rooms, from the living room, the heat is distributed evenly to all bedrooms.


The cottage offers a capacity of 10 people in three bedrooms. All three bedrooms have double beds, two of them also have a twin bed each, and the third also has two single beds. We also have additional beds as needed. It is equipped with bed linen for summer and winter.

The living room has a huge fireplace, used for heating other rooms, a pantry or basement, and television. The kitchen includes hot water, gas fridge and all utensils. There is also a bathroom and a hall.