There are many activities to do in and around Abrucena. We recommend the following:

  • Visit "La Roza", 8 km. from the village. It is one of the best equipped recreational areas of the province.
  • From the Cortijo Abruvilla, visit the Nature walk "Paredes", less than 2 km. thereof.
  • Riding a donkey. The world of ass, this endearing animal is endangered; walk on it is still something that can be done in Abrucena. A ride on an animal as endearing as the donkey in a natural environment full of beauty is an experience worth living (For more information search the internet "Centro Ecuestre El Serbal, Abrucena").
  • Collect typical plants of Sierra Nevada, which have many uses and many are medicinal plants.
  • Horseback riding, which can be rented at the Vega de Abrucena, or in our accommodations.
  • In summer, visit the swimming pool less than 50 m. from Casa La Solé and Casa El Cerrillo.
  • Tapas routes among the different bars in town. Although there is none officially established, the ideal is to visit every bar in one of the two tapas areas (the bars in the square and surroundings, and bars of "Cerrillo"), where there are 3 or 4 bars in each . For close to our homes, we recommend the latter area.

Other activities that we recommend when you visit:

  • Star watching. We are in a privileged area for watching stars, satellites, planets and constellations. The Cortijo Abruvilla is far enough away from light pollution to see clearly distant objects. We have a telescope, and we highly recommend it in the warmer weather when the temperatures are more bearable at night, although winter is also good time.
  • Walking through nature (We are withing a Natural Park and we are very close to the National Park) and trails that overlook the river. One of the most famous is the path of La Jairola. Hopefully, you can even spot a group of mountain goats.
  • Walking through the narrow streets of this village of Moorish ancestry.

If you enjoy hiking, you can perform the following walking tours starting at Abrucena. If what you want is to simply stroll, choose one of these sections, for example, The Jairola:

  1. PR-A 15 El encinar de abrucena

  2. Sendero de La Jairola-El Castillejo (ABRUCENA-S. NEVADA ALMERIENSE)

  3. Abrucena-Fiñana-Abrucena

  4. Ruta Circular Abrucena-2

  5. Jairola - Castillejo PR-A303 --ABRUCENA--

  6. La Roza desde Abrucena

  7. Abrucena - Refugio - La Polarda

  8. Abrucena Polarda Abrucena

  1. If you prefer to know the natural environment of Abrucena on wheels, we suggest the following routes:

    Routes by car or bicycle, ordered by difficulty:

    1. Abrucena-Las Rozas-Puntal Redondo
    2. Ruta Abrucena - Puntal Redondo
    3. Abrucena-Abla
    4. Abrucena-El Serbal-Abla-Abrucena
    5. Abrucena-Sulayr-ref. Ubeire-Abrucena
    6. Abrucena-La Roza-Lastras
    7. Ruta Abrucena
    8. Abrucena, subida y vuelta
    9. Abrucena - Puerto de La Ragua
    10. Abrucena - Ubéire
    11. Abrucena-Las Rozas-Puntal Redondo
    12. Abrucena-Ref.Aldeire-Parte del Pr-A-15
    13. Abrucena - Puerto de la ragua
    14. Abrucena-Fuente del cerrajero
    15. Sierra Nevada

If instead of routes you prefer to visit other places not so rural, we propose the following day trips:

  • The theme park  “Oasis” (former Mini-Hollywood), is on the road from Tabernas (Almería), 40 km. from Abrucena. There are shows and decorated west, and a zoo.
  • The cities of Guadix (30 km.), Granada (110 km.) And Almeria (41 km.) On the A-92.